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The 570 Story

The 570 story starts in 2005 and begins like many before... with raw talent and a strong woman, in our case Geena, Ron's wife. I mean it's clear Ron's talent shines (hello, have you checked out the 570 gallery?), but it was Geena that had the dream and recognized the charisma in her husband to build the studio. 

"I came home one night from Coco Lounge a bit tipsy, and said to Ron- I'm opening you your own damn shop! 5 weeks, 3 days later we opened! I hung drywall, laid floors, it was the best choice we ever made. We are partners in everything," - Geena.

And the rest is history. 570 Tattooing Co. is the premiere private studio in the northeast. We are honored to host customers and guest artists from all over the world. 

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